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In the beginning...

In the beginning I was a  little girl with pig tails sitting on  the steps, sharing my ice cream cone with my Collie named “Joker”. Oh yes, the love of my life that led to a life time love affair with the Shetland Sheepdog.

As an adult, I wanted to share this with my children and what better way to teach them about love, loyalty, and how to nurture what you care for, than having a Sheltie. With not having room to accommodate the Collie, I purchased my first Shetland Sheepdog and the passion began.

Ok you know how it goes,  you begin to study, hope, buy many mistakes and take all the advice you can, which often leads to disappointment.  You do have to please yourself.

Ok, now it was time to cut my losses, dry my tears and go with what I knew about the working animal, and find the type and bloodlines I wanted for ME!  (After all, I did grow up with Quarter Horses.)  When I saw Am/Can Ch. Banchory Backstop, ROM at the next Specialty, my heart pounded and I got goose bumps. Ok, now It begins….

Not long after that, I was in Canada on vacation and just had to stop and see him up close and with a bit of luck , I could talk Irene into selling a novice a puppy. She was great, both her and Rod. As chance had it as I came in the back door a couple was returning this very car sick tri puppy bitch in the front door.  The poor, soaking wet thing was set aside as Rod proudly showed me the wonderful puppies and dogs they had. To their surprise I turned to Irene and said, "I want the puppy that was just returned."  "No!", Irene said, "we can do better than that."  I was insistent and finally she said "go home and think about it and if you want her in two weeks, you can have her."  I counted the days and returned for her as soon as possible.  This was my wonderful Ms. Akirene Serenity Fair…..  She gave me everything I could have asked for, including  “Ch. Serenity’s King Coal” and his litter sister “Ch. Serenity’s Mystic Shadow”……Thank you Irene and Rod.




Ms. Akirene Serenity Fair

(Can Ch. Akirene's Command Performance   x   Akirene Harmony Fair)


dam of...




Ch. Serenity's Mystic Shadow

Ch. Serenity's King Coal


CH Sumersong Winter Shadows, ROM
AM/CAN CH Banchory Deep Purple, ROM CH Sundowner Mr. Bojangles, CD, ROM
Horizon White Ice
Sumersong Kachina CH Sumersong Hurry Sundown
Sumersong Glory Bi Night
Ms. Akirene Serenity Fair
Can CH Akirenes Command Performance CH Banchory the Candidate
CAN CH Banchory the Black Rose
Akirene Harmony Fair AM/CAN CH Banchory Backstop, ROM
Akirene Melody Fair



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